Short Horror Stories

Common pitfalls of not having a Will include:

  1. A Will is not signed or dated;
  2. Multiple Wills are found;
  3. Signature of the Testator is missing;
  4. There is no residual clause (that is, who gets the balance of the estate);
  5. Names of the beneficiaries are incomplete;
  6. A beneficiary is a minor;
  7. Inconsistencies occur and the Will is therefore unclear;
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  1. A Power of Attorney has taken all the money;
  2. A child omitted from the Will alleges undue influence;
  3. A spouse (common law or married) is omitted and legal rights are ignored, resulting in court action;
  4. A family member alleges the person was mentally unfit when he or she wrote the Will;
  5. The Witnesses signatures are not legible and/or they cannot be located to sign an Affidavit of Execution;
  6. A beneficiary is a witness to your Will;
  7. A good part of your estate is eaten up with legal wrangling between family members.