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If you are an executor

If you are concerned about tax

You need a Power of Attorney

If you need a Health Care Directive

You need a Last Will and Testament

If you don't make a will, the law makes one for you

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If You Need a Power of Attorney

We all need to appoint someone else to stand in our shoes if we can no longer walk in them the way we used to.


It is vital to take the time to think about your long term needs. The best time to think about this is when you are healthy and in a position to plan for your future care. Being armed with this plan will put you in the right place to consult a lawyer, who can prepare the Power of Attorney documents for you, to ensure your personal needs and wishes are honored in your lifetime.


Typically, an enduring Power of Attorney is intended to last during your lifetime, enabling someone else to legally carry on the business of your everyday life, including personal and financial affairs.


If You Need a Health Care Directive


A health care directive will tell your doctor and loved ones in writing of your wishes to be kept alive artificially if you are severely ill or injured. This document can also declare your preference not to be maintained on life support if you are in a coma or brain dead.


The only question you need to ask yourself is: Will my loved ones honor my wishes if I don't put them in writing? We can help you decide.


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