If You...

If you are an executor

If you are concerned about tax

You need a Power of Attorney

If you need a Health Care Directive

You need a Last Will and Testament

If you don't make a will, the law makes one for you

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Manitoba Estate Attorneys -  Providing Winnipeg & area with affordable legal services for wills, power of attorney, living wills & estate planning.

Services Overview

We take instructions, prepare Last Wills and Testaments, Powers of Attorneys, Living Wills, Estate Plans; we also review your existing documents, prepare real estate documents, quide you to other professionals, introduce you to tax strategies to manage taxes and preserve capital. Some of the important issues to consider are:

  • Who to appoint as Executor/Lawful Attorney
  • Who to appoint as Trustee of trust funds
  • Who to appoint as Guardian of minors, disabled
  • Accounting and financial implications
  • An estate plan to employ tax strategies


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