Why do you need an estate plan?

Any or all of the following may apply to you:

  1. You’ve worked hard to accumulate your assets;
  2. You dislike paying excessive taxes that may be avoidable;
  3. You want your family and loved ones to continue the same lifestyle after you’re gone;
  4. You want your children to have a “leg up” in the world;
  5. You want your grandchildren to be able to access and finance post-secondary education;
  6. You want to ensure that a special disabled or dependent person is looked after during his or her lifetime;
  7. You want to honor your favorite charities
  8. You have a blended family and want to avoid arguments;
  9. You want to make sure your beloved pets are not abandoned.
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All of the issues that apply to you can be addressed and solved with professional help.

We are professional legal providers. We will help design and prepare your Will, Power of Attorney and estate plan at an affordable cost.


Did You Know?

It is estimated that approximately $800 billion from Canadian estates will be distributed according to provincial laws because people did not have Wills or the Will cannot be located.


Already over $250 million is on the books of the Bank of Canada by way of default.


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