Why do you need a Will?

Statistics indicate that perhaps 50% of us do not have Wills! This means that when we die, our assets will be distributed according to a government-directed plan. This essentially allows the government to make a will for us because we didn't. This will is not necessarily your chosen plan. "Estate" means all of the assets you own or are entitled to at the moment of death. This typically includes personal property such as jewellery, furniture, collections, art, and bank accounts, RRSPs, RRIFs, investments, GICs, shares, inheritances, etc., as well as real property such as your house, condo, or cottage.

A Last Will and Testament is a written direction by you which tells your loved ones and the world who shall be entitled to receive all of the worldly goods you worked so hard to accumulate in your lifetime.

The law sets out by statute certain minimum requirements for a Last Will to be valid. These include your name, the date, the name of the person you appoint to look after everything (an Executor), the things, money, and property you want to give, the names of the persons who are to acquire the property and your signature. This short list is not exhaustive and of course there are pitfalls in attempting to do such an important document yourself.

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While it is very important to express your last wishes, it is equally important to do it right.

A lawyer is trained to help you with this task. Our law firm focuses especially on this type of work to ensure that:

  1. You complete a valid and legal will;
  2. You are guided through the process so that your wishes are clear;
  3. You miss the pitfalls or land mines that trip people up and may result in costly legal actions; and
  4. You take advantage of income tax strategies.

We know that there are “Will Kits” or “Self-Counsel” Will forms for sale which encourage you to buy and fill in the blanks. Experience proves that this doesn’t work effectively because a Will is a legal document which has to meet all of the technical and legal tests set out by law. It is much better to pay a little more money for wise counsel to receive current advice and help to ensure that you not only meet your expectations and satisfy yourself, but also that you end up with a valid and enforceable document.

Our law office will make this process painless for you and your loved ones and you will be able to go forward in the comfort and knowledge that you have looked after yourself and those you care about.