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Philippe Richer

Lawyer & Principal

Philippe had worn many hats before beginning his career as a lawyer. He spent time in the army, he worked in sales, and for a brief time was a baker at a local bakery. After a divorce, Philippe decided to go to law school in Manitoba. Despite wanting to be a veterinarian as a child and an aspiring comedian later in life (no one found him funny…), he now focusses on running the firm in St. Boniface.

Philippe is also multilingual. After travelling to Mexico more times than one can count, he is completely fluent in tourist Spanish and of course French. He also enjoyed the time he spent touring Europe, experiencing the culture, food and history there. On the weekend Philippe will usually be cycling or skiing. He likes to live actively with his partner, Cheryl.

Philippe is very knowledgeable in multiple areas of law. While he used to practice criminal law, he now mainly focuses on Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, Wills and Estate Planning. He authored the business law course for the Knowledge Bureau and presented at their annual conferences.  He also taught the français juridique class at the faculty of law for 5 years.  He is currently the president of the St-Boniface francophone chamber of commerce and sits on the board of the Association of francophone jurists of Manitoba.

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Headshot of Philippe Richer, principal lawyer
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