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We are wills and estates lawyers in Manitoba. Whether you are looking for answers to probate, drawing up a will or estate planning, we can help. 

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We’re not your typical stuffy law firm

Estates Attorneys of Manitoba is a legal practice focused on estates law. We specialize in helping executors, executrixes and administrators settle estates.

Executing a will and settling an estate is often far more complex than most people think. In most cases, working with a capable lawyer can help you get through the process much more quickly and effectively. Having an experienced lawyer can reduce your stress level and ensure you are protecting yourself from potential legal problems later.

Estates Attorneys of Manitoba is owned and operated by P.J. Richer Law Corp. Along with Estate Attorneys of Manitoba, we have two other locations in Winnipeg operating under TLR Law Office.

We’re not your typical stuffy law firm. We believe in making sure our clients clearly understand the legal issues they’re facing, so we speak plainly and listen more than we talk. 


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Estates Attorneys of Manitoba was established by Caroline Cramer QC. Now operated by P.J. Richer Law Corp the practice was purchased in 2021, integrating it with its operation in TLR Law Office.

For years, the practice established a reputation as one of the best known estates law offices in Manitoba. Today, under the management of P.J. Richer Law Corp and with TLR Law Office, we offer access to highly trained and capable estate lawyers through three offices in Winnipeg. We also offer our services remotely to clients across the Province of Manitoba.

Looking For Caroline Cramer?

Caroline retired in February 2021 but we’re happy to help her former clients with their legal needs. If you stored your original will with Caroline, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call.

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Your Team

Our Values

  • We Care

    We know that caring starts at home, with each member of our team. So when you hear “we care” we really, truly do. We care about everyone in our offices, and strive to be helpful, kind and inclusive, which helps us care for our clients and their needs.

  • We Make Law Accessible

    Accessibility is important and with three offices located throughout the City of Winnipeg, we make sure that everyone can get through our doors and get the legal help they’re looking for.

    We know it’s important to be able to speak to our clients, without the “legalese” (we hate it too!). So you can understand the legal issues that affect you. 

  • We Innovate

    Your legal issues aren’t all the same, so your legal advice shouldn’t be either. We think outside the box and develop unique methods to deliver legal services. We’re not afraid to try.

  • We Adapt

    We are resilient and adapt to whatever is thrown our way because our clients need us to be there for them.

  • We Are A Team

    Starter athletes don’t win games on their own. They’re surrounded by a team of key-players. We take the same approach in our legal services.

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